Will new ecosystems make us, programmers, feel human again?

Programming, Magic or Boredom? — Part 3

Photo by McGill Library on Unsplash

“I hear a soft beeping coming from a bit further away. A quick glance at my HUD reveals an automatically highlighted issue. I start walking towards the sound, and soon see a blinking warning light on one of the machines. Ah, already spotted what’s wrong here… The machine, which is responsible for billing credit cards, is missing a connection to a receipt generator. I’ll fix it by connecting a wire from the nearby receipt generator to the billing machine. Ta-da! Dependencies injected. To make sure that the machine is really okay (it does look a bit rusty), I should take a peek at its code panel. Yes, seems like the source code of this machine needs some tweaking, too. I’ll grab my physical keyboard, and make some minor adjustments. As I close the code panel, I realise the beeping has stopped. The green light assures me that the fix is working. I will ask my colleague to inspect the changes before committing them to the production version of the factory. Time for some lunch!”

A prototype of a 3D software visualisation I have been working on (applied to a real life project).

Technology, Startups, Sharing Economy, Esotericism, Psychotechnology.

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